Ferrari to MH370 Families: Go Grieve Somewhere Else

F1 team arrives in Malaysia, kicks relatives of missing passengers out of hotel rooms.

With news in Malaysia focused on the missing MalaysianAirlines flight 370, many families of the Chinese passengers on board the flight had been staying in the Cyberview hotel in the country’s capital, awaiting word on theirloved ones. But when the Ferrari F1 team arrived at the hotel to discover thattheir booked rooms were occupied, the grieving relatives were politely asked tomove out and seek other accommodations.

Despite the fact Ferrari had booked the rooms months inadvance, many local and international media outlets were highly critical of theteam’s behavior. "When the first Ferrari employees wanted to check in,they were told that their rooms were occupied," reported German newspaperDie Welt. "After heated discussions, the Italians prevailed”. F1 CEOBernie Ecclestone replied, "Imagine what would happen if hotel bookingssuddenly become invalid?"

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