Ferrari To Unveil LaFerrari Replacement In 2024

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An allegedly leaked document explains that hardtop, drop-top, and track-only versions of a LaFerrari successor are on their way.

2013 saw the arrival of the LaFerrari, codenamed F150, and as Maranello's first full hybrid, it was an instant classic that has only seen its value climb as the years have gone by. According to a post on the Auto Pareri forum, an allegedly leaked document shows that the son of LaFerrari will arrive in 2024 in highly limited numbers.

As the LaFerrari was introduced almost a decade ago, it would be reasonable to assume that a replacement is due. After all, the LaFerrari arrived roughly a decade on from the Italian automaker's previous limited halo, the spectacular Enzo, which arrived in 2002.

Thanks to the lessons learned with the LaFerrari, the also-hybrid SF90 Stradale was eventually produced, generating even more power. And now it appears a new special edition successor to those hypercars is on the near horizon.

LaFerrari Revival Render CarBuzz Auto Pareri
LaFerrari Revival Render

According to the document, Ferrari will produce 599 examples of the LaFerrari replacement, reportedly codenamed F250. This will be unveiled in October 2024 with a supposed 1,200 metric horsepower, or 1,183 hp in our money, while a hardcore, track-only XX variant is said to follow in July 2026. Just 30 of these are planned, which makes sense since the XX version of the LaFerrari, the FXX-K, saw just 42 examples manufactured. Finally, October 2027 is expected to see the arrival of the convertible version of the roadgoing F250, with 199 of these planned for production.

The alleged leak also claims that testing of the F250 began in July of this year. We've seen SF90 prototypes testing around the middle of this year, and these could well be mules for the new range-topping hypercar.

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So is this document real? We have no way of knowing, and Ferrari is traditionally exceptionally secretive, but a lot of the claims made here add up. First of all, the 10-/11-year timeline seems right considering how long after the Enzo the LaFerrari was revealed. Furthermore, Ferrari is working on a Le Mans hypercar to be revealed in a couple of days, and a roadgoing version of this would be a fantastic marketing tool that would easily sell out. In addition, global legislation is pushing for an end to combustion engines, and although the likes of Ferrari may get special exemptions, the carmaker will surely want to make the most of however much time it has left with the V12.

For now, this is all rumor and conjecture, but the numbers seem realistic, and Ferrari likes to celebrate itself every decade. We'll keep you updated as we learn more.

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Source Credits: Auto Pareri

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