Ferrari Turbos Begin with California Replacement

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But the news may not be as gloomy as you think.

At first it was just a rumor that Ferrari denied. Then came word that Ferrari's entire model lineup will switch to turbocharging in the next few years. Today, however, we can confirm that the next-gen Ferrari California will be the first of this new turbocharging era. In order for the Italian car maker to retain high performance as global governments continue to impose stricter fuel emissions, turbocharging and direct injection will be the way forward. Ferrari CEO Amadeo Felisa all but confirmed what we've long suspected.

Today's California doesn't lack performance. To evolve performance as we have the past four or five years, turbo is a solution." The big question, however, is how will turbocharging affect the engine sound that's so vital for a Ferrari. Felisa simply replied: "Wait and see." And what about hybrids? "You don't need an electric motor to offset turbo lag. You can do it another way." But while the Ferrari V8 lineup will ditch naturally aspirated units, V12s are a different story. Felisa made this crystal clear in stating that "We will keep the V12 naturally aspirated." So there you have it. The return of turbocharged Ferrari V8s will commence with the next California, due sometime next year, most likely at Geneva.

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