Ferrari Unleashes its Latest: The 599 GTO


Just when you thought Ferrari couldn't out due itself, well, it did just that. In the last couple of years, Ferrari has released the reborn California and incredible 458 Italia. Simply put, each of those Italian dream machines are in a world of their own. So get ready for the latest from Maranello. The 599 GTO is without a doubt the most thrilling street car Ferrari has ever produced. Need proof?

Just look at these numbers: 0-60 in 3.1 seconds 661 horsepower Top Speed: 208 mph With a base price of around $450,000, the car is not for everybody, but for owners who prefer real extreme driving. Weighing in at only 3,850 pounds, Ferrari incorporated carbon fiber throughout and the latest in engineering technology to produce the most amount of power possible with as little added weight.

Using a 6-speed automated manual and a DOHC 48-valve V-12 aluminum block and heads, port fuel injection engine, the 599 GTO roars to 100 mph in only 6.5 seconds. Could this quite possibly be the best Ferrari ever built? This is a GTO after all. Looking back at this iconic nameplate, the GTO has come to symbolize the best Ferrari has to offer. Starting with the original GTO in 1962, it dominated the sports car racing scene for the next few years.In 1984, the GTO returned, based on the mid-engine 308.

Each of those models are now highly sought after collectibles. There is no doubt this latest GTO will also become a rare item. Only 599 will be produced - and all of them are already spoken for. The car was offered for sale to only a lucky few and loyal Ferrari customers. As for the rest of us, we can keep drooling over the pictures. Perhaps we'll only be lucky enough to see one on the road sometime. Until then, let's hope that one day more of us will be fortunate to be on Ferrari's list of preferred buyers.

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