Ferrari Unveils 1,000-HP SF90 Spider

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The first-ever series production convertible hybrid from Ferrari.

In a welcome early surprise, Ferrari has unveiled the convertible version of the SF90 Stradale, simply called the SF90 Spider. A report from earlier this week indicated we'd be seeing the new model soon, and here it is, fully unveiled in all its glory. As only the second ever hybrid convertible from the Italian marque following the LaFerrari Aperta, the SF90 Spider is the first full series production drop-top hybrid with no limits on production numbers. That doesn't mean you'll see one on every street corner, but it does mean that the nearly-1,000-horsepower supercar will be readily available to anyone with enough money on hand.

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As far as the specifications go, the SF90 Spider closely mirrors its hardtop sibling. The combination of a twin-turbo 3.99-liter V8 engine (769 hp/590 lb-ft) and an electric motor grouping generates a combined 986 horsepower. This is channeled to all corners via an eight-speed F1 dual-clutch automatic gearbox, enabling a 0-62 mph sprint of 2.5 seconds and a 0-124 mph time of seven seconds flat, the latter just 0.3 seconds slower than the Stradale.

The SF90 Spider will top out at 211 mph, just like the coupe. Four driving modes are available to tailor the experience, with an eDrive mode making use of the 7.9 kWh battery to provide up to 15.5 miles of electric range, while Hybrid mode optimizes efficiency and swaps between combustion and electricity as needed. Performance keeps the engine running at all times, but if you want the full experience, Qualify mode channels all the available power and throws caution to the wind entirely.

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Visually, the SF90 Spider is almost identical to the coupe, but it features a retractable hardtop roof instead of a rag-top. Ferrari says this provides optimal noise insulation and protection from the elements, while also improving occupant space. It takes 14 seconds to deploy and can be operated on the move, although Ferrari declines to mention at what speeds it is operable. This is the same sort of roof mechanism used on the Ferrari 458 Spider and subsequently, the Ferrari F8 Spider. It's a slimline design item that only occupies 3.5 cubic feet of space and is approximately 88 lbs lighter than a conventional hardtop. At a dry weight of only 3,681 lbs, the SF90 Spider tips the scales at just 220 lbs more than the standard SF90 Stradale.

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The SF90 Spider is available in largely the same configurations as the Stradale, including the available Assetto Fiorano pack, which upgrades the standard specification with Multimatic shock absorbers, 46 lbs of weight saving, a carbon fiber rear spoiler, two-tone liveries, and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 performance tires.

The SF90 Spider will be arriving on the streets far sooner than originally anticipated, with Ferrari confirming it as arriving in 2021 in the US at the end of Q3. It will carry an approximate price tag of $558,000, about 10% up on the coupe (that's priced at $507,300).

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