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Ferrari V6 of Awesome is the Lancia Stratos

It's only one of the greatest cars ever.

If there is one Lancia that’s become legendary, then it’d be the Stratos. The Italian car maker made many great cars, but unless you’re a brand enthusiast, most of those models may escape you. And that’s OK, because at least you know the Stratos. As one of the most iconic rally cars of its day, the Stratos entered limited production for homologation requirements in 1972. Powered by a Ferrari Dino 2.4-liter V6 with 280 horsepower, the Stratos won the 1974, '75 and '76 championship titles.

Only 50 Stratos rally cars were built, and this video shows a couple of them. Take a few minutes to watch it and just listen to the sound of that Ferrari V6. It’s truly wonderful.

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