Ferrari Wants $21K For Special Monza Helmet After Losing Race

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Maybe Ferrari can auction them to raise proceeds for new strategists?

Ferrari can make a road car. The 296 GTB is not the brand's first take on a hybrid, but it is an excellent car. Being an Italian brand, it can also make some stylish design choices, like this weekend's livery for the brand's home race at Monza. Unfortunately, despite Charles Leclerc being on pole, Ferrari managed to let the win slip away this weekend after a virtual safety car.

But if you think those helmets are just about the coolest thing Ferrari has done this season, you're in luck. Despite a mediocre performance this weekend, Ferrari will sell you a one-off replica of Sainz and Leclerc's Monza helmets. For roughly the cost of a Honda Civic. Yep. Ferrari wants $21,287 for a helmet. At least it's a 1:1 scale item.

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The helmets are, as we've said, part of Ferrari's livery for this weekend. Historically, the brand's F1 and other racing efforts have made sporadic use of yellow. Often, Ferrari's traditionally red F1 cars have used a secondary color meant to represent their collaboration with a sponsor. For example, Maranello added a touch of white to its cars when sponsored by Marlboro.

Notably, yellow was used at several points in Ferrari F1 history. Some splashes of the color were used on Schumacher's F1 car during his reign as the fastest man in the world. Further back, Nigel Mansell's Ferrari had a bit of yellow on it courtesy of sponsorship with Agip.

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At the very least, the helmets are the real deal. This is a real Bell HP77 racing helmet. Untouched by Maranello, these retail for an easy $6,000. If not more. However, these are a little more special. In addition to the livery, which also celebrates Ferrari's 75th anniversary, the helmets are hand-painted and displayed on a carbon fiber base.

On top of that, these are made in the same shop as Carlos' and Charles' real helmets. Basically, the only thing separating these helmets from a real, race-used helmet is an FIA certification and some sweat. Finally, Charles or Carlos will adorn the helmet's visor with their signature.

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That said, if Civic money isn't what you want to spend on a cool piece of F1 memorabilia, there is another option. You just won't be able to stunt on kids at your local karting track with it. Ferrari will sell a much smaller, less-cool, 1:2 scale replica of the very same helmets.

While these are much cheaper than the full-sized ones, they're still charging Ferrari prices for Ferrari things. The smaller helmet will retail for $825. Though after this weekend's pit stop fumble (part 1,001 of ?), we doubt anyone wants to be seen wearing Ferrari colors. Maybe Red Bull sells helmets?

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