Ferrari, What Are You Up To Now With Your Most Controversial Car?

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Guess which Ferrari we're talking about.

Back in 2011, Ferrari introduced something unlike anything else it's ever done, the FF. Aside from the unusual name, which stands for "Ferrari Four," the FF has, quite clearly, all-wheel drive and four seats. But the most controversial part? It's a three-door shooting brake. People either dig it or they don't. There's little to no in between. But it's been nearly five years and the FF still hasn't undergone a facelift. That'll soon be changing and we expect to see a refreshed FF at Geneva in just a few months' time.


So what changes are planned? According to a new report from Indian Autos Blog, who recently spoke with the Italian supercar maker's vice president of marketing, Enrico Galliera, the naturally-aspirated 6.3-liter V12 will not be downsized. In other words, no turbocharging. We do expect to see exterior and interior updates and for the engine to be given a thorough work over, resulting in a power increase and reduced emissions. However, IAB was also told the face-lifted FF will come with a surprise of some sort. In fact, we're not even so sure the FF name will even be retained. Whatever happens, we'll find out fairly soon.

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