Ferrari Will Be All Yellow At This Weekend's Monza Grand Prix

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Perhaps a change of color is just what the team needs?

The 2022 F1 season hasn't been going well for Ferrari. After emerging as a dominant force during the first three Grands Prix of the season, things started slipping somewhat ironically at the first Italian Grand Prix.

Scuderia Ferrari has been trying its absolute best to get back on top, with little success. Carlos Sainz won the British Grand Prix, but that's just about the only highlight in a series of high-profile mistakes and disappointments.

Now Ferrari is changing colors, hoping to move away from the red curse. We jest, of course. Ferrari will be racing in a red-and-yellow livery this weekend to pay tribute to the original racing color chosen by Enzo Ferrari and to pay homage to the Monza circuit, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

Enzo Ferrari started his career at the Alfa Romeo F1 team before establishing Scuderia Ferrari in 1929. The production car division only followed 18 years later and was only established to fund Ferrari's passion for racing. It's no secret that he despised the road car division and the people that purchased his cars. Racing was all that mattered.

When Enzo started his team, he needed a livery for the car. He took inspiration from the Province of Modena's flag, which is predominantly yellow and blue. The yellow did not last long, as the International Association of Recognized Automobile Clubs (these days known as the FIA) decided each country needed a representative color. The earlier version of the FIA chose red for Italy, and Enzo just went with it. That's how the English ended up with British Racing Green, by the way.

Scuderia Ferrari Press Office Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

In addition to all of the above, the timing also coincides nicely with Ferrari's 75th birthday celebrations. Late last year, Ferrari said it would spend the entire year celebrating, and that's exactly what it has been doing. It broke a world record with a dazzling light display and is showcasing several extremely rare and expensive vehicles to the public for the first time.

And let's not forget about the all-new Purosangue, scheduled to debut in a few days. We're pretty confident Old Man Enzo wouldn't be too happy knowing that the Prancing Horse emblem will soon be pasted to the front of an SUV. Speaking of the Ferrari badge, the yellow surrounding the famous steed is the same shade Carlos and Charles will wear this weekend. It's known as Giallo Modena.

Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

As for the Monza Grand Prix this weekend, Ferrari appears to be in good shape. The car has the pace, but Ferrari keeps on struggling with strategy. Last week it left its wheel gun lying around in a live pit lane, and Sergio Perez drove over it. Twice. And then the pit crew forgot that an F1 car has four wheels.

Let's hope the home advantage, new livery, and outfits give Ferrari a much-needed morale boost. A championship is improbable at this point, but Charles Leclerc can still claim second place if he gets a good result. Carlos Sainz has been performing brilliantly recently and combined, the two could still secure second place in the constructors' championship for Ferrari as well.

Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

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