Ferrari Will Never Surrender The V12, But There's A Catch

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It's called adapting to a new reality.

The era of Ferrari turbocharging has officially begun, as evidenced by last year's California T and more the recent 488 GTB. But that's only for its V8 cars. So what about the future of its V12s? As we previously reported, the Ferrari V12 isn't going anywhere. It's a signature element of the iconic Italian supercar builder. However, that doesn't mean the exact make-up of the V12 will remain the same. Does this mean a twin-turbo V12, similar to the Pagani Huayra's AMG-built engine? Nope.

According to a recent report from Autocar, Ferrari's future V12s won't be turbocharged but will receive electric assistance to provide for smoother power delivery and lower emissions. The clearest example? The LaFerrari, which itself is a mild hybrid. Its V12 tech will trickle down to the eventual F12berlinetta successor as well as whatever will replace the FF. A source close to Ferrari told Autocar: "There will be no turbos on our V12s. Expect instead to see 48-volt systems on the next generation." That will mean improved fuel economy, lower C02 emissions, and plenty of power. We can easily live with that.

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