Ferrari Will Spend All Of 2022 Celebrating 75th Anniversary

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The Italians know how to celebrate a birthday.

Ferrari is celebrating its 75th anniversary next year, which is something of a miracle.

Enzo Ferrari started the company in Maranello in 1947, in the aftermath of WWII. While most car companies were designing cars to use as little resources as possible, Ferrari intended to do something different. He wanted to build his dream race car.

The result was the famous 125 S, which made quite a statement. Unfortunately, racing doesn't pay the bills, so Ferrari reluctantly started manufacturing to feed his racing habit. His disdain for customers is well documented, and he remained stoic in his belief that the road cars didn't matter. He did love his factory and its workers, however.


To celebrate 75 years of existence, Ferrari created a logo, a video, and a sculpture. It sounds like Ferrari forgot about its birthday. As it turns out, this is merely the beginning of an entire year of celebration in 2022, which is the most Italian thing we've ever heard of. Expect some wild stuff coming out of Maranello next year.

"For this special year we have created a special icon: a sculpture made up of thousands of components forged here in our factory and positioned one by one by my Ferrari colleagues. It is a symbol of the Ferrari spirit which is shared both here in Maranello and by all our family around the world. It reflects the essence of who we are, our past 75 years, and our future. It is a symbol of a company that, as Enzo Ferrari once said - Above all, is made of people," said Ferrari Chairman John Elkann.

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What exactly can we expect from Ferrari in 2022? We know the Purosangue SUV is slowly crawling toward production, and while we're looking forward to it, an SUV simply wouldn't do. Ferrari is also hard at work producing a topless version of the 296, but that's still not enough.

We think the secret lies with the mysterious hybrid prototype that crashed in Germany recently. It's obviously based on an SF90 Stradale but with additional camouflage.

Is it simply Ferrari working on a more powerful SF90 model, or is it more special than that? Ferrari is well-known for using the body of an existing car to hide an all-new vehicle in plain sight.

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