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Ferrari Won't Like This One-Off Lamborghini Huracan

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Special Raging Bull tasked with special job in the heart of the supercar city.

Bologna is Lamborghini country, and you don't need to venture out to Sant'Agata to see the evidence first hand. The homegrown supercar manufacturer typically displays its latest vehicles right there in the terminal. But if you watch closely out the window as you land, you might even see one before you step foot on Italian soil.

The Raging Bull marque has dispatched a specially made Huracan to serve on the tarmac at the Aeroporto Marconi di Bologna, showing outbound planes from the gate to the runway in the most spectacular style.

The vehicle is based on a Huracan RWD coupe, the model until recently known as the LP580-2 (before Lamborghini ditched the alphanumeric designators). It sends 572 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque from its 5.2-liter V10 to the back set of wheels alone – unlike most versions that employ all-wheel drive. Specs and drivetrain setup aside, though, there's a few more key touches that set this Huracan apart from the 11,000 others it had reported making around this time last year. Like the special livery that the Centro Stile Lamborghini designed for the runway taxi.

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The yellow stripes and checkerboard motif bears the airport's logo on the front hood, along with the words "Follow Me" and "Welcome to Bologna" along its flanks. And perched atop the roof is a light bar with amber strobes and rearward-facing, illuminated "Follow Me" sign to signal pilots (in English, the international language of air traffic).

A more fitting vehicle we could hardly imagine for the purpose, but we know some folks at arch-rival Ferrari who might feel otherwise. Though the airport's in Bologna (on whose outskirts Lamborghini is based), it's also the closest international hub to Maranello.