Ferrari Working On Hotter Portofino?

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A new filing with the EPA points to the possibility of a Portofino "Formula Libre".

Since 2018, the Portofino has served as the entry-level model in Ferrari's high-performance sports car lineup, where "entry-level" is a relative term, $215,000 to start being, after all, a lot of cheddar. It's a model that's all too easy to ignore, what with the Italian marque's lineup including cars like the mid-engine F8 Tributo, the naturally aspirated V12-powered F12 Superfast, and soon, the deliciously styled Roma coupe.

But fans of the prancing horse might have a whole new reason to pay attention to the Ferrari Portofino in the not-too-distant future, as a recent filing with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that a new, more powerful Portofino variant could be in the works.


The EPA filing was dug up and deciphered by the folks at MotorTrend, who suggest that any EPA paperwork for a "2021 Ferrari F164 BCB" might in fact be referring to a new Portofino "Formula Libre" model. Although filed under "F164 BCB", the documents refer to the model by the internal designation "F164 FL", where "F164" is the Portofino's internal chassis code, and "FL" is likely either "facelift", or "Formula Libre."

Formula Libre is a distinctive brand of motorsport in which race cars from a broad variety of ages and disciplines face off, and it's worth noting that Ferrari used the "FL" suffix at least once before, on its mid-century Ferrari 166 FL race car.

2018-2019 Ferrari Portofino Front Angle View Ferrari
2018-2019 Ferrari Portofino Front View Ferrari
2018-2019 Ferrari Portofino Rear Angle View Ferrari
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The "2021 Ferrari F164 FL" will use the forthcoming Roma's powertrain, according to the documentation - a twin-turbocharged, 612-horsepower 3.9L V8 backed by an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. That V8 is essentially the same as the one already in the Portofino, but a full 20-horsepower more potent, and the transmission packs one additional forward gear.

None of that seems all too farfetched; Ferrari is every bit as prone to special higher-performance models as the next sports car manufacturer, and that 612-horsepower 8-speed powertrain was already in the works anyway. But is it accurate? We'll just have to wait to find out.

2018-2019 Ferrari Portofino Side View Ferrari
2018-2019 Ferrari Portofino Engine Ferrari
Source Credits: MotorTrend
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