Ferrari Working on SP FFX One-off Supercoupe

Ferrari’s patent drawings were in fact of something a lot more exciting.

A patent application filed by Ferrari for the nameplate “SP FXX” along with an accompanying logo has put to bed the mystery of what the recently leaked patent drawings, also filed by Ferrari, are of. While we conjectured they were the upcoming California replacement, the fact both patents were filed on the same day is evidence that what we are looking at is in fact a one-off four-wheel-drive FF-based supercoupe.

Ferrari’s in-house bespoke coachbuilding division uses SP in its creation, most recently in Eric Clapton’s 458 SP12, and stands for Special Projects, while the ‘FFX’ is self-explanatory. Upon closer inspection of the drawings, we can also see the Ferrari FF door mirrors, front and rear lights, and similar proportions. So there you have it, another very special Ferrari is in the works.

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