Ferrarified Firebird Will Hurt Your Eyes

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We do respect things like innovation and creativity when it comes to cars and replicas, but this "Ferrari" is just too much of everything bad.

Replica cars come in all shapes and sizes. They can admittedly look pretty good, resembling the cars they're supposed to copy, or they can be absolutely horrid. Just horrid. What we have to show you today is an example of the latter, in our humble opinion at least. It's also up for sale and we already pity the sucker who ends up buying it, assuming such a sucker steps up. This 1987 Ferrari "F40-F50" replica is based off an old F-Body Pontiac Firebird and is powered by a V8 engine, which is perhaps the best part about it.

So yes, this is better than using the typical Pontiac Fiero as a base, but still, a big engine will only take you so far. Features include a/c, power steering, an automatic gearbox and even a two-tone interior that matches the exterior color. As if this fake Ferrari fail wasn't already painful enough, the builders spent a stupid amount of time adding bits such as red readout instruments, five-star Ferrari style wheels, removable tinted glass T-tops and a rear spoiler. Sound interesting or is someone you know just that desperate? Whatever the case, the seller is asking $11,900 for what's described as "hi-tech European ultra sports styling with modern trouble free technology."

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