Ferraris Crash on Chinese Highway

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Two Ferraris in a pack of a dozen perform an involuntary engine swap on a wet highway in Ansai County.

Rain-soaked highways make for treacherous playgrounds and both experienced and novice drivers should take caution. Someone evidently forgot to tell these Ferrari drivers in China, though, as a whole group of Maranello's finest racing down the Maoming Expressway in the northeastern county of Ansai ended in one of the gnarliest crashes we have seen in quite some time. The mountainous agricultural community has plenty of livestock, though Prancing Horses are rarely the norm.

The last two cars - a 458 Spider and a California - in the pack of "more than a dozen Ferraris" collided according to witnesses speaking with Chinese site Netease. Both drivers were lucky to escape the incident with only minor injuries, but their Italian supercars were much less fortunate. The 458 Spider's engine was thrown from the car and ended up further down the road, while the front half of the California was mostly destroyed.

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