Ferrari's Gorgeous New Drop-Top, Ford Mustang Debut Date, Porsche Signs Red Bull F1 Deal: Cold Start

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Loads of exciting developments have come to light over the past 24 hours.

Good morning, fellow car enthusiasts, and welcome to another installment of our daily recap of yesterday's news, Cold Start. Since yesterday's edition, we've learned that Los Angeles has closed its new $600 million bridge because hooligans keep causing trouble on it, Christian von Koenigsegg has explained that electric hypercars are essentially an obsolete idea without some unique take on performance, and Genesis developments suggest the luxury brand is entering the bespoke customization space soon.

But for this morning's recap, we take a look at a gorgeous new drop-top version of the Ferrari Roma, we discuss the impending arrival of the new S650 Ford Mustang, and we talk about the sold-out Mazda MX-5. We also take a look at Ford's newest measures to curb dealer markups before closing with big news surrounding Porsche's bid to enter Formula 1.


Ferrari Roma Convertible Is Coming

When it comes to elegant Ferraris in the modern age, none come close to the Roma. And now the Maranello-based automaker is taking its classy coupe a step further by turning it into a convertible. It seems all but a foregone conclusion that we'll see a production Roma Spider by the end of the year, but it's worth remembering that the Roma is built on a scaleable architecture, meaning that this could be any front-engine Ferrari drop-top. Even LaFerrari prototypes looked similar to the 458 Italia, so anything is possible. We'll report back when we know more.

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This Is When The New Ford Mustang Arrives

If you've been waiting for the S650 Mustang, your patience will soon be rewarded. According to a report from Automotive News, the 2022 Detroit Motor Show, taking place from September 14-25, will be the massive stage upon which the new pony car will be unveiled. The current S550 Mustang has been around in one form or another since 2015, so the timing couldn't be better. With a September reveal date, it's highly likely that orders could open before the end of the year, but with supply chain problems continuing to plague the industry, it's not cynical to be apprehensive. Either way, dealer markups are inevitable. Or are they? Keep scrolling.

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Ford Could Shun A Dealer For Two Years If Found Guilty Of Markups

Over the past couple of years, Ford has revealed a number of exciting cars that the general public has been eager to lap up. Unfortunately, opportunists exist everywhere, including within the Ford dealer network, and some of these unscrupulous dealers have been making it impossible to attain a new car at MSRP. Ford has implemented numerous measures to try to discourage this behavior, and now CEO Jim Farley has sent a letter to brokers and resellers that includes the following warning: "The first offense [of a hefty markup] may result in a 1:1 reduction of future allocation by the amount brokered. The second offense may result in all model allocation being redirected for the current or next model year." Ford will be keeping an especially close eye on high-demand vehicles like the Raptor and Lightning.

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The Best Version Of The Mazda MX-5 Miata Has Sold Out

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is a dear car to enthusiasts for many reasons, but if we were to sum it up simply, its appeal lies in the fact that it follows a basic but brilliant recipe that avoids unnecessary clutter and tech. The trim that especially got this balance right is the Club, which sits between the Sport and Grand Touring models. Equipped with Bilstein suspension, an LSD, and a strut brace, it was off to a good start. And then Mazda decided that this model doesn't need automatic lights, auto-dimming mirrors, and climate control, further enhancing its appeal to the enthusiast. Forged BBS wheels, Brembo brakes, and Recaro seats were also available, but now these options are gone because the Club trim is officially sold out for the 2022 model year, in both Roadster and RF forms.

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Porsche Buys Half Of Red Bull's Formula 1 Team

We close with the biggest news in motorsport this week and the worst kept secret in the world. Porsche is finally making official moves to enter Formula 1, as proven by recently uncovered documents showing that it will buy 50% of Red Bull Racing's F1 team. This partnership has been agreed upon for 10 years and, according to the documentation, will be formally announced on August 4, so keep your eyes peeled. As far as we understand, Alpha Tauri will remain a Red Bull-owned team in its entirety, but we're sure this feeder team will benefit too. Either way, Formula 1 is about to become much more exciting. We'll report back once we know more, which will happen once 2026 engine regulations are finalized.

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2016-2022 Mazda MX-5 Miata Front Angle View

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