Ferrari's Mystery Teaser Points To New Open-Top Supercar

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The full reveal comes later this month.

It's no secret Ferrari likes to keep things on the hush-hush with their new cars. Without the leaks, we still wouldn't know what the Purosangue would look like. It's pretty safe to assume that'll also be the case with the next version of the Ferrari 296 GTB. Thankfully, we have some renders that could very well confirm the next iteration of the Italian brand's V6-powered supercar.

On April 13th, the brand dropped a teaser on its Facebook page, telling fans "We have a surprise for you. Don't miss it on April 19th." The only other information attached to the message was a nearly blacked-out silhouette of a car.
Front Angle View Ferrari
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As an aside, Ferrari reveals usually follow a pattern: first, a coupe is debuted, with a Spider (convertible) or GTS model following a few months later. That's exactly what happened with the Ferrari 488 Spider, and it's exactly what we think is happening now with the Ferrari 296 GTS - a drop-top version of the 296 GTB. we knew it was coming and even rendered what the convertible might look like last year.

You can compare our renders (below) to the teaser yourself. Focus on the rear deck of our 296 GTS and you'll begin to see what we're on about and perhaps you'll agree with us.

The teaser seems to show the rearmost component of the passenger cell which swoops upward, eventually turning into the rear deck of the car where both the top and the V6 engine will live. Just below that, you'll notice the parallels between our render's air intake as well as those of the 296 GTB.

Forward View CarBuzz
Side View CarBuzz
Rear Fender CarBuzz
Front Angle View CarBuzz

Spy shots also confirm the soft-top 296 GTS is on its way. Again, look at the rear deck of the camo-clad car and you'll see the same familiar shapes. Ignore the roof on the car, and it's an exact match for the teaser image.

We expect the new 296 GTS to have roughly the same performance figures and specs as the coupe. Ferrari will usually find some clever way of stiffening the chassis to account for the lack of a roof, but the engines in these cars will remain the same.

In the 296 GTS, we expect around the same 819 hp and 546 lb-ft of torque from the V6 and electric motors. Roofless 'Rarris usually carry a slight price premium, so we expect the GTS to cost a hair more than its $322,986 hard-top twin. Given the rumors of a Targa version, which we expect to be more expensive than the hard and soft top cars, the convertible Ferrari will sit in the middle of the lineup. We'll find out more on April 19th.

Front View Ferrari
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Rear Angle View Ferrari
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