Ferraris Rev in Singapore

A parade of Ferraris hits the streets of Singapore on one glorious night.

Maxson Goh, who goes by the YouTube of glitchFAn2428, is out there on the streets of the Far East every day, catching supercars in still and moving pictures. Today he brings us his latest video, which was filmed in what he describes as Ferrari Heaven - also known as Singapore, to the rest of us. All told there's a total of 42 Ferraris in this video, gathered for some apparent Prancing Horse meet-up, each with its engine revving as it pulls out of Asia Square.

We were able to spot a number of 458s, F430s, 360 Modenas and a few Californias. Towards the end of the pack are a couple of 599s as well. Check out the video to see and listen to the stunning sights and sounds.

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