Ferrari's SUV Plans Are Bigger Than Anyone Imagined

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This is going to be a wild ride.

When the Ferrari Purosangue SUV debuts in about one year from now, it will forever alter the course of the Italian automaker. Not only will it be the marque's first-ever SUV, but it'll also serve as the basis for a whole family of SUVs.

According to Car Magazine, a pair of all-electric spin-off models currently codenamed F244 and F245 will launch in 2024 and 2026, respectively. Specific details about either vehicle remain unknown at this time as they remain in relatively early development stages. While the Purosangue will retain a combustion engine, specifically an 800-horsepower V12 and, later, a hybridized V8, these new SUVs will be purely battery-electric though they'll share an architecture with the Purosangue.

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Apparently, this scalable front-engined platform is already EV-ready, boasting a flat skateboard floor ideally suited for a large lithium-ion battery pack. The platform has also been engineered to accommodate up to four electric motors, presumably one at each wheel. We don't know just yet what the exact differences will be between F244 and F245, though it wouldn't be unreasonable to believe at least one will be somewhat larger, though perhaps not as big as, say, the Bentley Bentayga.

The Purosangue is said to be around the same size as the mid-size Aston Martin DBX. It'll seat up to four passengers, including the driver, in maximum comfort and luxury. The now-discontinued GTC4 Lusso and its FF predecessor helped pave the way forward for four-seat Ferraris with supercar-levels of performance. The Purosangue will also feature a height-adjustable suspension so drivers can venture into terrains the GTC4 Lusso never dared to try.

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It's also important to understand that these two nameless all-electric SUVs will also be the start of a whole new Ferrari era. While Ferrari executives have made clear they're in no immediate rush to launch an all-electric supercar, largely because battery technology is not advanced enough at this time, 4x4 EV SUVs might be better starting points for a few reasons.

One such example is that SUV expectations, in general, will be different than those of a supercar. SUVs allow for a greater amount of engineering experimentation, which can later be applied to supercars. So now we have not one, but three Ferrari SUVs to look forward to and the fact that two will be pure battery electrics only adds to the excitement.

2017-2020 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso Front View Driving Ferrari 2017-2020 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso Rear View Driving Ferrari Ferrari 2020 Ferrari SF90 Stradale Forward Vision Ferrari
2017-2020 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso Front View Driving
2017-2020 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso Rear View Driving
2020 Ferrari SF90 Stradale Forward Vision
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