Ferraris Take Over House Party

This is what happens when a Ferrari owner's parents go out of town for the weekend.

Have you ever been at (or worse, hosted) a house party where people just keep on pouring in? It can be fun for those reveling in the festivities, but a nightmare for the host. Now imagine that instead of house-trashing guests, you had a whole mess of Ferraris show up on your driveway. That's a different story altogether, and seems to be what happened at this house in Florida. Fortunately our man Chris Grosser was on the scene to capture the impromptu gathering of Pracing Horses, and was kind enough to send the footage our way.

Included in the coral were several Californias, a few F430s, a 599, an FF, a 360 Spider, a 355 Spider and a Terstarossa, plus a first-gen Dodge Viper and a McLaren MP4-12C thrown in for good measure. Now that's our kind of party!

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