Ferris Bueller Ferrari Heads to Auction

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"A man with priorities so far out of whack doesn't deserve such a fine automobile."

Movie and car buffs should be aware that the Ferrari 250 GT California used in the classic 80's flick "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" was a replica. That doesn't make it totally uncool - it's just not original and not worth tens of millions of dollars. But the replica would still be great fun to own and this August it's heading to the auction block in Monterey, California. The replica was built by Modena Spyder California and the movie's producer, John Hughes, personally chose the car to star in the movie.

A total of three film cars were built: the "hero" car, a stunt car, and a rolling fiberglass shell that eventually went out the garage window. The hero and stunt cars survived, but not without some suspension damage courtesy of the scene featuring the two parking garage attendants going for a joyride.

The hero car has since been fixed and even has a new tan leather interior. There are also vintage Smith instruments and a wood-trimmed Nardi steering wheel. It was built on a steel tube-frame chassis and has an independent front suspension, solid rear axle and a fiberglass body. Power comes from a Ford V8 that produces 500 horsepower. All told, the hand-built car tips the scales at 2,650 lbs. It's being offered by Mecum Auctions and we have no doubt some movie fan out there is more than willing to pay top dollar to own it. The diaper to rub it down with is not included.

Source Credits: mecum.com

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