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Have you ever dreamed of a weekend that included some of the finest exotic supercars ever built along with a large collection of custom motorcycles, vintage planes and a seemingly endless selection of the fine foods and spirits? The Festivals of Speed weekend is what many gear heads and food lovers alike envision as their own personal heaven. Founded in 2004, the Festivals of Speed has produced a series of luxury lifestyle weekends featuring the finest in supercar exotics.

Taking place this year from April 1st - 3rd in St. Petersburg, Florida, the 8th Annual event is expanding this year with an even more exclusive collection of exotic cars along with an increased display of rare vintage and contemporary aircraft. There are few times and places where people can experience some of the finer things in life all in one place. With a weekend full of beautiful exotics such as the Ferrari Enzo and Bugatti Veyron, custom-built motorcycles, and high-performance boats and extreme yachts, the 2011 Festivals of Speed promises to be the ultimate event in luxury lifestyle living.

CarBuzz is proud to be in association with the organizers for the 8th Annual Festivals of Speed. Stay tuned as we provide more coverage from St. Petersburg, Florida this April. Photos courtesy of Festivals of Speed.

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