FIA Fining Organizers Of Hillclimb Where Hammond Crashed A Rimac

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The crash may have been the result of Hammond going into a corner too hot, but that won't stop FIA from cracking down.

Only a few seconds into watching the video depicting Richard Hammond's unfortunate crash of the Rimac Concept One, it becomes pretty clear that the veteran presenter is the one at fault. Even with a vehicle as capable as a Rimac, no sane person could expect any car to round a corner as quickly as Hammond tried to without having superpowers. Hammond has no one to blame but himself for coming into the bend too hot, but that won't stop the hillclimb's organizers from being implicated too.

Following an investigation by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) the governing body of the auto sport world, MotorSport claims that the Swiss organizers behind the hillclimb will be fined $5,141 for failing to adhere to FIA's International Sporting Code. The Swiss Hillclimb Championship and the track itself weren't an issue. It was the fact that during the competition, Hammond, along with co-hosts Jeremy Clarkson and James May-piloting a Lamborghini Aventador S and Acura NSX, respectively-were filming "show runs." Unfortunately for the organizers of this automotive shebang, despite the fact that the competition itself fell within the confines of compliance, those filming sessions didn't adhere to FIA rules.

While the $5,141 is likely a drop in the bucket for the organizers, the six month license suspensions for race director Christian Muller and three sports stewards Hermann Muller, Karl Marty and Daniel Lenglet could prove to be more impactful. Adding insult to injury is the fact that the future of the entire event is now in jeopardy. However, one important question remains. If the crash, which put Hammond in the hospital with a fractured knee and set the $1 million electric hypercar on fire, didn't take place, would the FIA still be leveraging these fines once the episode aired on The Grand Tour? The question remains, but it's safe to say that the job really does have its own set of occupational hazards.

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