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Fiat 500 Bellavista Design Concepts Ooze Italian Style

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Student designers in Italy chop the roofs off the Abarth 500 with a pair of concepts.

Between the 500 hatchback, the 500C cabrio, Abarth versions and the new 500L, Fiat has done a lot with its popular retro model. But some aspiring designers think there's more to be done still. Following such customs as the mid-engined Lazzarini, the G-Tech Sportster and the Zagato coupe comes this pair of designs grouped together under the name "Bellavista" (Italian for "beautiful view"). They're the handiwork of students from the Polytechnic of Milan and a team from design consultancy Madeindreams.

Based on the Abarth 500, the first of the two prototypes, finished in teal, is a two-seater roadster with beefy wheel arches, a double-canopy rear deck and restyled front and rear bumpers. The silver model has a more radical, speedster-style design with a chopped-down windshield. Both models sport a triangular tailpipe and make us wonder if Fiat shouldn't consider adding them - complete with Abarth-tuned engine, suspension and brakes, of course - to its lineup.

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