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Fiat Wants You To Bling Out The 500L And 500X

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Here's how.

The Fiat 500X and Jeep Renegade, you may not be the least bit surprised to read, are twins. They were developed together, they're based on the same platform, powered by (largely) the same engines, built along the same assembly line in Italy, and sold by the same Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group. What sets them apart from one another largely comes down to appearance – the Jeep, naturally, taking a more rugged approach, while the Fiat goes in a more classic direction.

That means more chrome, among other things. And now you can get your Fiat with a little bit more of the flashy stuff – not only on the 500X, but on its more bulbous stablemate, the 500L minivan/wagon/hatch/thing. Available to order now, the Chrome Appearance packages for both the 500X and 500L add a little extra pizzaz to the little retro-styled family-haulers, both based on the entry-level Pop trim.

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The Chrome Appearance Group for the 500L includes front fascia, taillight bezels, side moldings, and fog lamps all accented in chrome. The wheels are too: 17-inch alloys with black "pockets" for a two-tone finish. The 500X gets a slightly lower-key Satin Chrome pack, with door mirrors, handles, moldings, fog lamps, front fascia, badges, liftgate trim, taillight bezels, and 17-inch alloys all done up in satin chrome.

"Our new Chrome Appearance Groups give each of these Italian-designed, fun-to-drive vehicles a sleek, refined, custom look," said FCA passenger-car chief Steve Beahm.

If you're inclined to agree, you can spec yours for $495 on the 500L, $695 on the front-drive 500X, and $395 on the all-wheel-drive 500X (though you may need to choose some other options to go with it). The packages are already online on Fiat's virtual configuration utility, and can be ordered from your local Fiat Studio now.