Fiat 500 Has a Lot to Celebrate

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As the 1,000,000th Cinquecento rolls off the production line, Fiat is presenting a whole raft of new 500 models.

Just a few years ago Fiat was in serious trouble. It desperately needed a car to revitalize its image and boost sales. And that's just what it found in the 500. Reviving a classic nameplate and style, the new 500 has been a huge hit in markets around the world, and has even managed to find a few buyers in the United States, relaunching the brand there after a decades-long absence. With production having started in Poland in 2007 and in Mexico in 2011, Fiat is now celebrating the millionth Cinquecento built.

But don't expect the Italian automaker to be slowing down any time soon. What started as a sub-brand built around a single hatchback body-style has since grown to include a convertible, a line of Abarth performance models and the new 500L, with more variants in the pipeline.

The 500L shares little with the hatchback aside from its styling, but was just revealed in Panoramic Edition form (pictured in white) with a Skydome glass roof, and will be showcased later this week for the first time in North America at the LA Auto Show as the 500L Trekking, a more rugged version that could initiate sales in America as well. The debut of the 500L Trekking will be joined by the unveiling of the electric 500e and US-spec Abarth cabrio, which only go to show how rapidly the Cinquecento range is expanding. Next in the pipeline is a crossover, tentatively dubbed 500X, to replace the Sedici and adopt the retro styling of the 500 and 500L.

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