Fiat 500 Offers Over 150 Accessorizes With Mopar

Mopar has announced that their latest parts catalogue offers 150 various accessories to fit all budgets for the Fiat 500.

Chrysler's customizing brand, Mopar, has announced they're offering over 150 different accessories for the Fiat 500. The accessories range from a locking gas cap that goes for $21 to a new body kit that will set you back $1,400. Basically, there's something available for nearly every budget. Other accessories include a roof rack for $399, body-side Stripe Graphics ranging from $409-$439, body-side inserts for $99, custom key covers in various color combinations for $48.

There's also seat covers ranging from $159- $199 and a chrome fuel door that costs $209. For those who enjoy adding electronics, there's even a Wi-Fi option that allows electronic devices to be used as far as 150 feet away from the car. So if you're looking to add that certain sense of style to your Fiat 500, you will have more than enough options to help get you through the process. You can check the Mopar catalogue on the company's official site.

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