Fiat 500 Tender2 by Castagna

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US owner pays over $100,000 for a chopped up Cinquecento that was worked on for over 2,000 hours.

First revealed back in 2008, the one-of-a-kind Fiat 500 Tender2 is inspired by the nautical-themed Ghia Fiat 500 Jolly built in the late Fifties. It recently received a minor refresh including a new lick of paint and touchscreens, before being sent to the US – the first time the coachbuilder has exported a car Stateside in almost sixty years. The custom-built 500 is a complete one-off and as such it doesn't come cheap, with the car's new owner paying $104,000 for the pleasure.

For that he got a Cinquecento with over 2,000 hours' worth of customization work done to it, including replacing the stock doors with narrow wood decks, adding two touchscreen units, a champagne cooler, fridge, and handheld shower in the back. Castagna also considered small children in its design, so it fitted an electrically-operated ladder to make getting in and out of the car a little easier, and provided the new owner with a set of bespoke luggage.

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