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Fiat 500 Vintage 57 Edition Is So Retro It's Being Launched All Over Again

Special Edition

It does have new wheels, so it must be a new car.

Fiat has just previewed a new special edition of the 500 which will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show. Called the Vintage 57, it is named for the original 500, which was first introduced in 1957. It has a retro look to it, which is actually pretty well done. But here's where it gets weird. About a year and a half ago, at the 2013 LA Auto Show, Fiat debuted something called the 500 1957 Edition for 2014, that being 57 years since 1957.

The names are obviously pretty similar, but the really weird part is that the cars are almost exactly the same. In fact, there is only one difference that we can see in the photos that Fiat has sent out, and that's the fact that the wheels are white, while in 2013 they were blue. Seriously, apart from the name, that is the actual only thing that's at all different. It will supposedly hit dealerships next month, but then we've obviously heard that before, so we don't know what to believe. That said, we have nothing bad to say about the car itself, it's a nice look, and the cabin looks particularly pretty.

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