Fiat 500T Hiding in Video?

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Turbocharged Cinquecento shows up in Fiat USA commercial.

Yesterday we brought you a clever new ad which Fiat is airing in the United States to promote its nimble, retro little 500 range. The commercial shows the base 500 hatchback, the 500C convertible and the 500 Abarth performance model. But was there another version in there we haven't seen before? No, we're not talking about the new 500L minivan or the upcoming 500X crossover, both of which are built atop entirely different platforms. What we and the rest of the automotive intertubes are talking about is the 500T.

Anticipated to slot in between the base 500 and the hotted-up Abarth version, the 500T is expected to pack a detuned version of the 1.4-liter turbo engine in the Abarth with around 130 horsepower and a sportier look and feel.

We reported on the prospect back in April and brought you what appeared to be the first photos of the 500T, sporting dark grey bodywork and Abarth-style aero kit and wheels, but a Fiat badge instead of the scorpion emblem - just like the one in the video. Groundbreaking? Hardly. But the fact that Fiat slipped it into the television spot leads us to believe the 500T could be released in the very near future, so watch this space. While you wait, we've included a new high-definition version of the video for your viewing pleasure.

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