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Fiat 500X Gets More Rugged-Looking Adventure Edition

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It's not a Jeep Renegade, but it's a bit closer.

The Fiat 500X isn't designed to be as rugged (at least in appearance) as its Jeep Renegade counterpart. But the Italian automaker is bridging the gap somewhat with the launch of the new Adventure Edition. Based on the Trekking model, the 2018 Fiat 500X Adventure Edition distinguishes itself from "ordinary" models by orange highlights in the form of body-side graphics and mirror caps. It also gets 18-inch alloys, front and rear splash guards, black roof rails, and more.

Customers will be able to choose between white, black, or two shades of grey exterior paint colors to offset the orange and black trim. And it comes with a molded rear cargo tray and all-weather floor mats front and rear to upgrade the interior. "With all-wheel-drive confidence, best-in-class standard horsepower and torque and comfortable seating for five, the Italian-designed Fiat 500X is fun to drive," said Steve Beahm, head of Fiat (and other passenger car brands for FCA North America). "Built off the Trekking model, the new Adventurer package offers rugged, adventurous styling and yet another opportunity for customers to personalize their Fiat 500X."

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The Adventure package adds $945 on top of the 500X Trekking's base price, bringing the sticker up to $23,685 for the front-drive version and $25,585 with all-wheel drive. The special edition arrives at dealers (Fiat Studios, as the automaker calls them) this summer. Unfortunately it's only released the one photo, but we've included several more of the Trekking model on which it's based, doing the off-road thing, for your viewing pleasure.