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Fiat Bravo: A Better Caliber Replacement

It was announced recently that Dodge would be using the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, a car beautiful enough to make me want to learn Italian, as the underpinnings for the new Caliber. Our question is: What is the point? We do understand that bringing a whole new brand over from Europe isn't something that the bosses at Fiat want to do, it's expensive and can blur the lines between existing products, fine.

The thing is, we will be getting Fiat-badged cars in the form of the 500, and there is a brand-new Fiat already built on the Group C platform, the Bravo. It seems like a lot of trouble to go to, to let Dodge ruin the good looks of the Giulietta, when they could simply drop the Caliber altogether and just sell us the Bravo. The Bravo might not be as good looking as the Giulietta, but it's certainly better looking than any small car Dodge has ever put out.

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