Fiat Bravo Xtreme Debuts in Brazil

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Bravo, Fiat. This hatchback actually looks pretty awesome. But should it be brought Stateside?

Not every tuner car being built around this time of year is bound for the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. A number of modified rides debuted Down Under at the Sydney Motor Show, but this one was prepared specifically for the Sao Paulo Motor Show in Brazil. The Fiat Bravo Xtreme concept starts with the Golf-sized Italian hatchback you may have never heard of. It's been customized with a 1.4-liter, sixteen-valve turbo four with a prodigious 253 horsepower and 245 lb-ft of torque, along with a stiffened and lowered suspension.

The super Bravo was also fitted with an aggressive body kit with a gaping maw for a front pumper flanked by two air vents, a the restyled rear bumper, twin-tailpipes, diffuser and roof spoiler, with two-tone alloys joined by side skirts. LED lighting replaces the standard units all around. The cabin has also been worked over with four bucket seats, an ASK audio system and LCD screens aplenty. The end result leaves us wondering if the Fiat Bravo shouldn't make the journey northwards from South America to the North American market, possibly as a new Dodge model. What do you think?

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