Fiat Centoventi Concept Brings EVs To The Masses

2019 Geneva Motor Show / 4 Comments

Endless customization options should please the individualists.

Fiat is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year, and to mark the occasion the Fiat Concept Centoventi (meaning 120 in Italian) has been unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. It may look like yet another city-friendly electric car but the Centoventi Concept is so much more than that.

Drawing on Fiat's impressive back catalog of classic city cars, the Centoventi is unashamedly retro in its styling from the rounded off exterior panels and wheel-at-each-corner setup to the minimalist interior that brings to mind cars like the original Fiat 500, as well as its modern counterparts.

The two central themes here are affordability and customization; Fiat envisages the Centoventi to be totally modifiable through its 4U program, even after delivery. The car would be offered as a 'blank canvas' where after owners would potentially be able to swap out roofs, bumpers and wheel covers to suit their tastes.

Four different wraps would also be available, easily applied by a dealer at any time. The interior would resemble a sort of mobile Lego kit with a Plug-and-Play principle that would allow the swapping out of seat cushions, audio systems, door cards and even the entire dashboard. One option allows for the driver's cellphone to become an integral part of the display cluster.


No specific powertrain details have been divulged just yet, but Fiat says that aspects of this too will be customizable. A set of four modular battery pack will allow owners to tailor the range from 60 to 312 miles in roughly 60 mile increments, making the Centoventi a practical proposition for longer journeys too.

Numerous other innovative ideas have been incorporated into this car's design. From the dubious, such as a large tailgate that incorporates a display to share 'messages' with other road users, to the ingenious, such as a 50 watt solar roof that can keep the car cool when parked.

While no production date has been set for the Centoventi concept, it is clear that Fiat is serious about creating an electric vehicle that is not only innovative but affordable for everyone to own.


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