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Fiat Chrysler Recalls 4.8 Million Vehicles For Defective Cruise Control

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Defective, as in the system may stop working entirely.

First, the bad news: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has issued a massive recall for nearly 4.8 million vehicles because of a defect that could potentially prevent the cruise control system from disengaging. Now, the good news: the chances of this happening is actually quite small. The recall, done in coordination with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) is very serious and owners of affected vehicles should take it as such. The potential problem with the cruise control is, as previously, stated, a failure to disengage.

If this were to happen, FCA instructs drivers to first try to stop the vehicle by depressing the brake pedal, and place the vehicle in park once it's come to a complete stop. Basically, the brake will override the engine. Another alternative method would be to do the following: shift the transmission into neutral, forcefully apply the manual brake, and then shift the vehicle into part once stopped. Fortunately, FCA has no record of any injuries or fatalities, let alone any accidents, related to this problem. Affected owners will bring their vehicles to an FCA dealer who will then upgrade the powertrain control module software. Notifications to owners will go out as soon as next week.

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In the meantime, FCA highly suggests owners of the affected vehicles (listed below) not to engage cruise control, for obvious reasons. Dodge Journey MY 2014-2018 SUV Dodge Durango MY 2014-2018 SUV Dodge Challenger MY 2015-2018 2-Door Dodge Charger MY 2014-2018 4-Door Ram 3500 MY 2014-2018 Pickup Truck Ram 3500 Cab Chassis MY 2014-2018 Pickup Truck Ram 3500 Less Than 10,000 Pound Cab Chassis MY 2016-2018 Pickup Truck Ram 2500 MY 2014-2018 Pickup Truck Ram 4500/5500 Cab Chassis MY 2014-2018 Pickup Truck

Ram 1500 MY 2014-2019 Pickup Truck Jeep Wrangler MY 2018 SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee MY 2014-2018 SUV Jeep Cherokee MY 2014-2018 SUV Chrysler 300 MY 2014-2018 4-Door Chrysler Pacifica MY 2017-2018 Van Chrysler 200 MY 2015-2017 4-Door