Fiat Crossing Over with new 500X


Fiat is capitalizing on the success of the 500 with a new crossover.

Fiat may be making the biggest deal about the 500L heading to the U.S. market, but this latest video shows us that the Italian automaker is planning on expanding the Cinquecento family even further. Taking a page out of the Mini playbook that already brought us the neo-retro Countryman crossover, Fiat is apparently proceeding with plans for a new 500X. Although the Italians are not typically all that adept at crossovers, Fiat's partnership with the Chrysler group could be brought to bear on this new vehicle.

The prototype was briefly shown to at the media launch for the 500L. And like that new minivan, the crossover appears to bear only a passing resemblance to the 500 hatchback that made the Fiat brand relevant again in markets around the world.

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The 500X could be based on the same platform as the 500L or else borrow Dodge or Jeep basics and is expected to replace the Sedici that's built in conjunction with Suzuki. We'll be keeping our eyes peeled when the doors open at the Paris Motor Show in September for the automaker from Turin to unveil the new crossover in one form or another.