Fiat Dealers Lining Up for Alfa 4C

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The Fiat dealers with the best track records in North America will be first to get the new Alfa 4C.

Most automakers entering a new market have to tackle the task of setting up a dealer network first. After all, if there are no dealers, there's no one to sell their cars. Fortunately for Alfa Romeo, such a dealer network is already in place. It was set up to sell the Fiat 500, and will be built upon to handle Alfa's long-awaited return to the North American market. The model chosen to spearhead the marque's re-emergence in America will be the new Alfa 4C, the sportscar set to be unveiled in production form in a few weeks at the Geneva Motor Show.

With 1,000 units earmarked for North America and just over 200 Fiat dealerships in place, it would seem that every Fiat showroom would get its chance to sell a 4C or five, but reports now indicate that partner company Chrysler is using the model as an incentive to reward the best Fiat dealers, many of which have struggled to sell enough 500s to justify their existence. However many dealers that amounts to, it will have to suffice to carry them over until more mainstream Alfa Romeo models arrive. As with the previous 8C, the 4C will be all on its own until the reinforcements arrive.

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