Fiat Displays Mefistofele and 500 TwinAir at Goodwood

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At this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed, Fiat is displaying two unique models - one from their past and another from the present. The world record setting Mefistofele and the 500 TwinAir both represented the Italian automaker.

Fiat displayed a very unique classic model for this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Italian automaker will show the famous Mefistofele, which is based on a version of the 1908 Fiat SB4 Corsa, along with the new 500 TwinAir. The Mefistofele, also known as "Mephisto," has a staggering 21.7-liter six-cylinder Fiat A12 aircraft engine with 4 carburetors that give an output of 320hp with an old world record top speed of 146 mph, which was set back on July 12, 1924.

The Mefistofele was bought by Fiat's owner, Gianni Agnielli in 1964 and after a long restoration process, the car is now in perfect working condition and part of Fiat's collection. The other model displayed was the new 500 TwinAir, which, according to the automaker, has the "greenest petrol engine in the world." Mated to a five-speed manual, it has 85hp and 107 lb-ft of torque and even features as a start/stop system. The Goodwood Festival of Speed began on June 30th and ended on July 3th, just in time for the US to celebrate its independence with a blast.

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