Fiat Eyes U.S. Expansion

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With initial solid sales and reviews of the U.S. market 500, Fiat is planning an expansion of this lineup for American customers. So far, the 500's sales have exceeded expectations, which is especially good for such a small car. Convertible, Abarth, and EV versions will arrive shortly. However, Fiat does not want to encroach on Chrysler's traditional market territory, so they will continue being a small car brand only in the U.S.

In other words, Fiat cars won't get any bigger than a Focus or a Cruze. The next Fiat that will sell in the U.S, which will be larger than the 500, should be the Bravo replacement. At the same time, Fiat chief Sergio Marchionne wants a Alfa Romeo halo model sold in the U.S. Which model exactly? The 4C, which was revealed in concept form at the Geneva Motor Show last March. Yes, life is good.

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