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Fiat Fastback Concept Targets BMW X6

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Think of it as a Jeep Renegade with sleeker bodywork for South America.

Since the first iteration launched in 2007, the BMW X6 has seen many imitators – but they've almost all been from similarly upscale brands. This one, comes from the decidedly more mass-market Fiat marque.

Unveiled at the Sao Paulo International Auto Show taking place this week in Brazil, the Fiat Fastback envisions a more budget-oriented rival to the likes of BMW's X4 and X6 and the Mercedes GLC and GLE coupes. Little in the way of details were disclosed, but despite the similarity in name, the concept appears to be based not on the Fullback, but on the Toro.

Where the Fullback is essentially a rebadged version of the Mitsubishi L200/Triton, the Toro is a pickup based on the same platform as the Fiat 500X and Jeep Renegade, manufactured in Brazil for the Latin American market and packing some of the same engine options as its platform-mates.

Regardless of its underpinnings, though, the Fastback concept adopts a decidedly different form, with a slanting roofline similar to those we've seen on the aforementioned German crossovers – not to mention the less successful (and short-lived) Acura ZDX, and so many other concepts we've seen in recent years.

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Whether Fiat intends to put the concept into production (for the Latin American or other markets) we couldn't say. But while it was arguably the most complete transformation, it wasn't the only show car (or truck) that Fiat's Brazilian division rolled out for Sao Paulo.

Others included the Argo Sting (a yellow sport hatch), Cronos Sport (red sports sedan), Toro Rescue (red pickup), Mobi Way Extreme Cross (white tall hatch), and the Strada Adventure Cross Road pickup (not pictured), as well as the local debut of the newly ruggedized 500X Cross.