Fiat Has Big Plans For An Electric Future

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The Italian carmaker wants to introduce a ton of new compact models.

Fiat has had a few ups and downs in the last couple of years but is looking to come back with a big electric bang in the near future. We know that the Italian carmaker is planning to return with the iconic Fiat 500 but this time in all-electric form; the Abarth Pulse is set to become the brand's first-ever performance SUV, and the popular Fiat 500X is going green with a new hybrid powertrain, now Fiat has made even more interesting announcements. According to Autocar, Fiat will introduce a new supermini in 2023 followed by three new crossover models in the next three years.

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Under the guidance of the Stellantis group, it seems like Fiat is finally getting the attention - and funding - it deserves to build more cute and quirky cars that Americans don't exactly always understand or appreciate. Fiat's long-term goal is to build up a core offering of 10 models which includes market-specific models like the South American-only Strada supermini and a lineup of five global models. The ever-popular Fiat 500 will still feature, along with four other models that have already been signed off by CEO Oliver Francois.

Francios recently said that Fiat is looking to substantially grow its B-Segment and crossover footprint in the next two years: "Now we enter a new world. In the next five years, we're going to launch one new car per year per region - and globally we're able to create cars that are common everywhere in the world, which is something we've struggled with in the past. There will be a big return in the B-segment and crossovers. We're going back to the most relevant segments. We only have the 500X now. My objective is to have three."

Fiat Fiat Fiat

Fiat will stick to compact cars for the time being - after all, the brand is mostly known for its iconic small cars, as Francios notes when comparing Fiat to its sibling, Citroen. "I think what's interesting is that we can divide the market in terms of size. We can be the specialist in smaller cars and then Citroen has more legitimacy to cover the D-segment - and, of course, there will be some overlap in the middle."

The first new Fiat to make landfall will be a similar size to the now-defunct Punto and will rival European rivals like the Peugeot 208, and as part of Fiat's plan to be fully electric by 2027, this new supermini will most likely be offered as a hybrid or EV. New Fiat models will most likely continue to use the current CMP platform until switching over to the Stellantis STLA platform when it comes into commission in 2026, and we expect the upcoming supermini to either make use of the Fiat 500 electric's 115-horsepower motor and 42-kilowatt-hour battery, or the more powerful 134-hp motor and 50-kWh battery which offers a range of 210 miles.

The iconic Fiat Panda will also continue in the all-new Fiat lineup, explains Francois: "You will see smaller cars and bigger crossovers and you will recognize the Panda DNA [in some]. One will be called Panda. The Panda wasn't iconic because of its shape but because of the philosophy and spirit, and that's what we're trying to capture with a little reminiscent design, too. The Panda has to be a little rugged, simple, robust." The Fiat boss also confirmed that the design of the new Fiat Panda is complete. Don't get your hopes up though - we doubt that the Panda will show its cute face in the US.

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Source Credits: Autocar

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