Fiat Has The Worst Day Ever: Covered In Crap And Then Ripped In Half

First comes sewer water, then the tow truck driver.

The poor owner of this Fiat must be pulling some hair out right about now. In a bizarre incident, the owner parked the vehicle in Moscow and returned to see it submerged. Apparently there was a sewer leak from some rotten pipes below. After seeing the vehicle sitting in brown water, the owner calls a tow truck, and that makes the situation even worse. It doesn’t get much more awful than seeing your car submerged in sewer water, but the tow truck driver manages to tear the car’s rear end off trying to "help."

It may be a lowly Fiat, but no car deserves to sit in poop before having its rear end pulled out. Hat tip to reader Marki Store for sending us the video. If you have any videos or stories you think we should run please reach out to

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