Fiat Is Desperate To Sell Cars And Will Now Offer HUGE Price Cuts

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If you want a Fiat there's no better time to buy one.

Automotive News (AN) is reporting that Fiat will introduce a new pricing structure in the US which will cut the price of its cars by as much as $5,000. As such the cheapest Fiat model in the US will be less than $15,000. Tim Kuniskis, head of passenger car brands for FCA, met with American Fiat dealers in March to discuss how to save the struggling brand. But it was only recently that the new pricing plan was rolled out, with Automotive News obtaining a copy of the documents sent to dealers. It calls for a drop in price of the base 500 and the slashing of trim levels.


The price of the base Pop will drop from $16,995 to $14,995. The company wants to make sure that its models do not overlap each other on price. One example of these huge price cuts is the convertible 500C, which will see a $5,205 price decrease. The convertible will now be a $1,495 option across all trims. This means that the most expensive 500 model, the 500 Abarth Cabrio, will drop from $26,695 this year to $21,490 in 2017. This should help differentiate it from the new 124 Spider, which starts at $24,995. We knew that Fiat dealers were asking for allowances just to stay open. Kuniskis told AN that the 500L and 500X were "tripping over each other" in terms of price and content.

He also said that, "The cannibalization between [500L and 500X] is very evident," and that, "We're not getting any new people in, and all we're doing is flip-flopping them between these cars." We have been screaming at FCA to fix the Fiat lineup in the US. First, the brand launched with only one model, which was too small for the US, and now all it sells are rehashes of that same model that doesn't work. We have spelled out how we would fix the Fiat brand, and it sounds like everything that we suggested is exactly what the company needs to turn its fortunes around in the US.

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