Fiat Panda by Novitec


Clever and sporty. That's what Novitec calls its latest tuning package, customizing the new Fiat Panda.

Novitec may be best known for its Rosso division that tunes Ferraris, and the Tridente division that customizes Maseratis. But the German tuner also deals in Fiats and Alfa Romeos, and after the launch of the new Fiat Panda, has had its way with that, too. Although the Panda may not be one of the most exciting vehicles in the Fiat Group stable, it is one of the most popular. So customers looking for an added performance edge from their nimble little hatchback have where to turn.

Among the enhancements Novitec is offering for the new Panda are new front and rear spoilers that aim to improve both the car's aerodynamics and its style. 17-inch N10 alloys are also on offer, riding on 215/35R-17 tires and fitted to one of two suspension options: the first kit lowers the car 35 mm closer to the road, while a second coilover suspension option can be adjusted from 30 mm to 80. Novitec will also tune two engines from the Panda catalog. The 1.3-liter MultiJet diesel can be optimized with the tuner's Powerrail 5 module to boost output from 75 horsepower to 91, dropping the 0-62 run from 12.8 seconds to 11.9 and upping the top speed from 104 mph to 110.

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Meanwhile the TwinAir two-cylinder gasoline engine can be enhanced to 99 horsepower, channeling the spirit of the well-regarded, previous-generation Panda 100 for a 10.1-second 0-62 time and a 117 mph top speed. Whatever engine is chosen, however, Novitec can also furnish a new dual-tailpipe stainless steel exhaust, with tips exiting from either side of the rear bumper. The overall package may not be the most impressive Novitec has ever undertaken, but it could make all the difference for Panda drivers looking for, as Novitec has termed it, something clever and sporty.