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Fiat Renegade, Oops, Sorry Fiat 500X Images Leaked


Compared to its Jeep platform mate, the two small crossovers look quite similar.

Set to debut early next month at the Paris Motor Show, the 500X will be the third Fiat Americans will be able to buy. It’s basically a small crossover that’ll compete with the Nissan Juke…or the Jeep Renegade. In fact, both the 500X and Renegade are built on the same platform. What’s more, it uses an improved version of the platform that also underpins the slow-selling 500L. But look at both the Renegade and 500X; their dimensions are awfully similar.

Obviously the Renegade has a more "Jeep appearance" with angled styling. The 500X, as we can see from these newly leaked images, is smoother and more rounded. We actually kind of like it. We also liked the Renegade the moment we saw it at Geneva last March. The question now is whether Americans are going to buy the 500X. They surely aren’t going for the 500L. In fact, it still remains to be seen whether the Renegade will be a success. No doubt we’ll have more Fiat 500X details in the coming few weeks.

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