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Fiat Reveals New Special Edition 500 ID for German Market

Five hundred lucky Germans will get the chance to own one of these funky special edition 500 models.

Adding to its impressive list of special editions, Fiat has delivered a model dubbed the 500 ID exclusively for the German market. Only 500 are to be built with prices starting at 13,500 Euros. What makes the 500 ID different from the rest is the two-tone exterior color theme with matching interior trim. Three different combinations are on offer: white and red exterior with ivory and red interior; white and light blue exterior with ivory and blue interior; and light grey and gunmetal grey exterior with grey and ivory interior.

Power comes from Fiat's 1.2-liter gasoline engine rated at 69hp, while standard features include 15-inch alloys, a chrome kit, leather steering wheel, air conditioning, and Bluetooth-controlled hands-free Blue & Me with USB port.

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