Fiat Reveals Panda Monster Truck

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One-of-a-kind Bigfoot Panda made for advertising campaign.

A week ago we brought you spy footage of a Fiat Panda transformed into a monster truck and captured playing around on snow-capped mountains in Italy. At the time we couldn't have imagined Fiat had actually built the truck itself, but the Italian automaker has now released details of the project. The one-off was built for an ad campaign to highlight the Panda 4x4's off-road capabilities. Fiat mounted the Panda on the floor pan of a Jeep CJ7 4200 series, complete with 59-inch tires with solid steel rims to make it nearly four meters tall.

The project took two weeks to complete, but is now fully functional. Fiat says the Panda Monster Truck will feature in a TV commercial at the start of the new year, but has in the meantime released this video clip that includes the truck to highlight the stock Panda's nomination as Top Gear's 4x4 of the Year.

If that previous clip isn't enough, though, here's sine B-roll of the Panda Monster Truck driving around. (Don't adjust your speakers, it has no sound.) Fiat had offered a Monster edition of the previous Panda, but that was a marketing tie-up with Ducati (long before it partnered with AMG and then sold to Audi). This is another beast entirely.

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