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Fiat Strips The 500 1957 Edition: Cabrio Coming To America

Vintage-looking "convertible" will hit US just in time for spring.

Ever since Fiat first reintroduced the 500 nameplate back in 2007, the company's successful retro-inspired super mini car has spawned numerous spinoff models ranging from crossovers to convertibles and various special editions for each of these. Last year, the Italian automaker gave America the "1957 Edition" a coupe model with an 'old' look, special paint jobs and forged aluminum wheels. Now, it's time for America to greet the 1957 Edition Cabrio, basically the same thing but with half the roof.

With framed doors as well as a C-pillar, the 'Cabrio' gets a cloth roof that rolls back like a massive sunroof at the touch of a button. Other than that, it has the same special edition treatments as its coupe counterpart, including a special palette of classic colors, 16-inch retro forged aluminum wheels and exterior trims and badges designed in the spirit of the '57 period. The 1957 Cabrio comes standard with a 1.4-liter inline four and a choice between a six-speed auto and 5-speed manual transmission. The 500 Cabrio 1957 Edition goes on sale now starting at $24,700, meaning that it could be your sister's ride when spring finally comes around.

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