Fiat Uno Cabrio Concept

There's a new concept car in town, and it's coming from Fiat. Those of us in the United States may not be too familiar with Fiat, but they are the stake holders in Chrysler. The Fiat Uno, which the concept is based on, is set to go on sale shortly. Due to the removal of the roof in the cabriolet, the vehicle had to receive reinforcements in various parts of its structure. The front is characterized by large air intakes and the presence of a pronounced spoiler.

Inside, the Fiat Uno Cabriolet concept's interior received a series of features like speaker screen, weather controls, and oddly enough, a chrome-plated fire extinguisher. The interior has been accentually punctuated with aluminum elements and elegant finished like the new special bicolor leather coverings with quilting stitches. This sure does sound like a nice addition to the already mentioned hardtop version. Let's see if it makes production.

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